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Honesty. Interaction. Possibilities.

Doing our job with maximum effort and transparency to make everyone happy. To always be right here for you by talking, sharing and engaging in any kind of positive activities. To strive to grow in the number of services and opportunities that are provided to our community. This growth in our community provides more possibilities for you! We're going social, join our enthusiastic community!

Panel Info

Owned by: HiPolls Research
What: General US population, on-line representative
How: The panellists are required through a mixture methods including banner ads, email and database, marketing, telemarketing, social networking sites, and referrals
Panel started: September 2014
Incentives: Members get money for every survey they take, which they can redeem through PayPal.
Validation process: Through double opt in process and bank account number. Duplicates removed.
Restrictions: None (except illegal or any other obviously offensive subject)